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"Occasionally my mother asks me how 'waiting tables' will ever help me in the real world; my mother, however, has never waited tables. Working in restaurants has been instrumental in my personal development. It has taught me time management, interpersonal communication skills, stress and anger management, salesmanship, tolerance, patience, cooperation, critical thinking skills, crisis management, cross-cultural understanding, the power of a simple smile, and how the presence or absence of that expression on my face can significantly alter other people's emotions. These are skills that will not only make me a better doctor, but also a better wife, friend, citizen and human being. Sure, it's just a college job, a means to an end, a way to pay for school so I can eventually do what I really want, but waiting tables has also taught me more about the "real world" than many of my college courses."
— Shae Caldwell, Former Team Member & Server

Connor Concepts is firmly committed to the principle of equal employment opportunities. This principle is applied with the objective of hiring and promoting personnel who meet high standards of character, education and occupational qualifications, and who can work efficiently, safely and show capacity for growth.

To apply for a server, bar tender, kitchen or host position, please contact your local restaurant directly or come by any location. Click here for a list of all restaurants.

Connor Concepts offers exciting managerial positions. Your career path is determined by you- no rigid agenda or set time frame for advancement. Career progression is based solely on performance, skill and knowledge. We are commited to providing meaningful and valuable benefits to our team members. Our management team receives a premium set of benefits and perks including: premium medical, dental, and vision plans, complimentary meals, generous vacations, quality of life, performance bonuses, outstanding training programs, ongoing seminars and development.

If you are interested in a management position, please email your resumé to

Connor Concepts, Inc.
10911 Turkey Drive, Knoxville, TN 37934
Phone: (865) 777-2677
Fax: (865) 671-1977


11/6/2016 — Forbes lists Connors as the best steakhouse in Alabama. Congrats to the Huntsville team!

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